Imagine that the world is one giant, continuous symphony. Within that symphony we each have a part to play. It doesn’t matter how long, loud, or seemingly discordant our part is. Sometimes we may feel that our part is insignificant, yet without our contribution the whole symphony has changed. Astrology can help us rediscover our significance.

All of life is a vibrating, pulsating rhythm. The drumbeat is symbolic of this cosmic heartbeat. When we are born on this Earth plane, the cosmic rhythm and tone of the time of our birth is imprinted onto our soul and physical form. In astrological terms, this imprint is represented by our natal chart. In other words, the natal chart is a visual symbol of our life’s potential. We are all here to learn and grow. Sometimes this growth can be painful. We may get lost or seemingly have lost our rhythm or sense of purpose. As an astrologer I am here to help you find the rhythm in your life.


Sally Blumenfeld has been a student of astrology for over 35 years and a professional astrologer since 2002. She is an astrological counselor, teacher, writer, lecturer, and creator of the Drumming Astrologer Power Deck (© 2014), a tool for divination and learning astrology.


ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)

NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)


BA in Music, Lawrence University, June 1976

Certified in Drum Circle Facilitation 101, Sound Health Music, August 2013


Past President of the Minnesota Chapter of NCGR


Sally Blumenfeld is amazing! Sally is a very personable and genuine person and astrologer. Each time I have requested time to explore my metaphysical truth with Sally through an astrological reading, she has treated me with authentic interest as though I were the only person in the room, as well as her only client. Sally is a wealth of knowledge in the metaphysical and astrological and is expert in its interpretation. As a seeker of truth, I am confident that Sally’s primary passion and interest is to help us all through the myriad of lifes challenges through her artistry of astrological wisdom. I am pleased to recommend Sally for everyone’s astrological needs.
~ Cindy Mark

~ ~ ~

I want to share my experiences with Sally and her chart reading abilities.

First, I took a community education class with 5 other people and it was enjoyable and informative. Not only did we all learn about astrology charts, and all that entails, but her readings of each person gave us all insights into our own personalities. In addition, the class was incredibly fun due to Sally’s sparkling persona.

I wanted a more “in-depth” reading so I scheduled a private chart analysis. I was absolutely amazed at how “dead on” her descriptions of my family, my life events and my own personality were.

She confirmed that my dreams and desires are truly what the universe has in store for me and I will proceed with confidence in my future ventures. Sally really knows her stuff and is marvelous at what she does!
~ Linda Miller, Roseville, MN

~ ~ ~

I really enjoyed your class at Mankato(Women & Spirituality Conference, 2008), this weekend.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent.  It really sparked my curiosity as to what my natal chart says.  Please send me the free beginner chart you offered.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


~ ~ ~

Really enjoyed your presentation yesterday – It was the best one I attended for the Conference (Women & Spirituality Conference in Mankato, 2008). The charts of the different celebrities and political figures was fun and extremely interesting.


~ ~ ~

I was at one of your sessions at the Spirituality Conference this last weekend(see reference above). Thank you for doing such a great job. I am the one who knew a very minute piece of astrology. I am anxious to know more about it so I am going to take you up on your offer to do a natal chart for me. I am very excited about it.

Thank you very much,

~ ~ ~

I attended your workshop at the Women & Spirituality Conference last weekend. I wanted to send you my birth information and get a chart from you. I found your presentation extremely interesting and I learned so many details about astrology that I didn’t know before.

Thank you for a very informative presentation.

~ ~ ~

I really understood your class. Thanks again. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.


~ ~ ~

First off I want to thank you for a wonderful session! It was my favorite of this year(2008, Women & Spirituality Conference, Mankato), and in my top 3 from the past 4 years I’ve attended! I hope you come back again!

Thank you, thank you!

~ ~ ~

It was fun to attend your presentation. I look forward to learning more about astrology.