Consultations:   $120 for 90min. or $100 for 60min. They may be done in person, phone, or Skype. I accept cash or check for in person consultations and Paypal for phone and Skype readings. All consultations are driven by your questions and needs. I can help you decide what course to take in regard to personal goals, relationships, career, relocating, medical, etc.


Beginning Astrology:

This is an in-depth study of the basics. We will cover the signs, planets, houses, elements, modes, and aspects. This workshop can be set-up as a tutorial or as a small class.

Discovering Your Personal & Collective Power with Astrology:

We tend to think of power as something negative because of the potential for misuse. If we are only thinking of ourselves and not how we affect others and our environment then we are misusing our power. However, power can be a good thing, especially if it is approached from a spiritual standpoint or the realization of our inner connection. We all have individual power as well as collective power. By studying our natal charts we can discover our strengths and weaknesses as individuals so that we are better prepared to work with others to build a stronger and healthier world community.

The Rising Sign: Understanding Your Point of View:

Have you ever wondered why your family and friends view life from a different perspective than you? We all have our own lens in which we view the world that can be analyzed by examining the ascendant or rising sign of your chart. This lens affects every area of your life. In this class we will discuss all twelve rising signs and their meanings.

Venus- What’s Love Got to Do with It?:

Love is a powerful force in life. When you say you love something, what you are really saying is that you value it. In both relationships and career it is important to know what you value and what makes you valuable. Come to this class and learn what the Goddess of Love says about you.

 The Fourth House in Astrology: The Womb of Your Soul:

The fourth house describes not only our connection to our families, but our connection with all of humanity and Mother Earth. Studying your fourth house will provide you with a better understanding of your roots and your potential. Some of the things we will look at are the possible meanings of the different signs on the fourth house cusp and planets within the house. Come and discover what clan you belong to, your basic need, and what you are here to learn.

Astrology Parties: $25 per person with a minimum of 5 people. The host is free.

This is a fun crash course in astrology. You and your guest learn the basics. Each partici-

pant will receive the following: a computer print-out of his/her chart, a mini reading, and

handouts for quick reference.



Spirit Guide: Have you ever wondered if you have guides, teachers, or angels helping you each day? How do you connect to your Spirit Guide? Using guided journaling you will find your Spirit Guide by connecting with colors, stones, art, astrology, and nature through words and drawings. You will be able to continue using the methods from this workshop to connect to your special beings.

SpirArt Doll: Making a doll can be a beautiful process in connecting to your spirit. You may want to take this class as a continuation of the Spirit Guide class. In this class we will start out with a guided meditation. Next we will journal our thoughts about the meditation and make a brief sketch of our SpirArt Doll. We will then begin the process of making our doll out of cloth using the simple patterns provided.

The Art in Your Chart: Your astrological chart is a visual compass for your life. In this class we will see and create the art in our charts as a path for self-discovery by coloring in the patterns with colored pencils and discussing what we find. Whether you are a beginner to astrology or an experienced reader you will probably discover something new about yourself. An explanation of the astrological symbols and aspects will be included. Please bring a copy of your natal chart or bring your birth data: birth date, time, and place to class.


Drum Circles: Meditation Drum Circles using the Drumming Astrologer Power Deck


Drumming Astrologer Power Deck Readings – $45 for a half an hour


Weekend retreats for you and your friends. Custom design your retreat. It may include one or more of the following: Astrology lessons and readings; Soul Companion workshop; making your own SpirArt Doll; drum circles; Drumming Astrologer Power Deck Readings.

Please contact me for more information concerning the above services, workshops, and retreats.